Zoom Classes & Workshops

All classes and workshops are suited for puppies to senior dogs who want to learn new skills. Instead of teaching behaviors, we teach concepts, such as calmness, focus, optimism, confidence, disengagement, etc. to get real life results! Pet dogs, sports dogs, companion dogs… who doesn’t need more fun in their life?

How does it work?

  • On-line classes and workshops are held on Zoom at a dedicated time (Time Zone MST)
  • For all ongoing classes there will be a dedicated, private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, post videos and receive feedback.
  • You can train at home, in your living room, yard or wherever suits you best. The choice is yours!
  • All of the Zoom calls are recorded and posted to the group for you to watch, re-watch and download at your own leisure.

Payment via e-transfer to
pawsomeconnection@gmail.com – security answer: games21

Please contact me for payment options from outside of Canada (via Paypal)

3 week Reactivity Bootcamp – for dogs who bark and lunge or get overexcited

Tuesdays, November 30, December 7, 14
6 -7 pm MST$90

You will learn which concepts are lacking and how games will help strengthen them.
In this class we are training FOR the situation by teaching your dogs games and strategies that allow them to cope with those triggers and learn how to stay calm in the face of distractions!

Online registration

Christmas Freestyle Workshop on December 11th, 11am-1pm MST

2 hour workshop – $60

This is an introduction to Canine Musical Freestyle Dancing with your Dog

What Is Canine Freestyle?

Online registration

2022 Schedule

Loose Leash Walking – Mission Possible

Starting Tuesday, January 4th
6-7 pm MST – 4 weeks course – $120

We’re diving deep into what it takes for dogs to choose walking with us over pulling, lunging and reacting to the environment. All the elements of walking nicely on a leash can be trained at home by teaching concepts through playing the right games.

Online registration

Here’s a message that I received from Anastasiya after the 4 week program:

I just would like to extend my deepest thanks for teaching Bella and I games to make our walks stress free!!!! Today I took my infant daughter for a walk in a stroller for the first time. Bella of course joined in. She was magnificent, eyes on me almost the entire time with sniffing breaks of course. Not distracted, another dog was barking and coming up to her by the fence, recalled! She was on leash for some parts and off leash for others and she maintained the proximity regardless. It was most relaxing and enjoyable walk I have had with her in a while!
Thank you Gisela Griesser!!!!!

Life Skills Through Games, starting Jan. 6th, 6-7pm MST

Give your dog the gift of Games!!!
For puppies and dogs of all ages, including reactive dogs, shy dogs….
You’ll learn games and strategies to help your dogs make better choices in everyday life. We teach concepts such as calmness, focus, optimism, impulse control, etc. by playing strategic games!
Through playing games and having fun we build a positive relationship!
6 weeks class – $180

Online registration

Boundary Games & Calmness WorkshopJanuary 22, 11am-1pm MST

Calmness Conquers All! Learn how teaching your dog to stay in a defined area, aka boundary, can change the energy in your household and in everyday life.
Calm dogs make better Choices!!!!
$60 – 2 hour workshop

Online registration

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