Connect, Commit, Cue

September 7th, near Stony Plain, outdoors on grass

Dogs have their own way of communicating. Imagine ‘talking’ with your dog in a language that is natural to them, rather than trying to teach them your language! OneMind Dogs handling uses our body language in a way that all dogs already understand.

OneMindDogs Handling is based on the three Cs: Connect, Commit, Cue

Connection is often the missing link to take average runs to great runs!

Is your dog frequently going off-course? not committing to obstacles? barking at you?

“Confusals” is a better description for what’s happening when dogs refuse to take an obstacle. Our dogs WANT clear handling cues

Topics of this workshop are:

  • how dog reads our body language
  • when to connect
  • how to commit
  • when to cue

This workshop is suited for younger dogs who can sequence 5-6 obstacles (jumps and tunnels only) as well as seasoned dogs and handlers.

CCC workshop Sept-19

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