There’s a Game For That

Short video:  There’s A Game For That!

Teaching Life Skills Through Games

How does it work? How can games help a dog learn all the things necessary?

These games were developed by Tom Mitchell (BSc BVSc MRCVS) and Lauren Langman from AbsoluteDogs in the UK.

I discovered how effective and fun the 3 minute games were in 2016 and have been using them for my own dogs’ development as well as in my agility classes when my student’s dogs were struggling with focus, recall, lack of confidence, reactivity …..

Jai, my youngest border collie, has benefited greatly from the games and has become a sheep dog, agility dog and a great companion.

There is science behind these games; how and why they work and Tom and Lauren are constantly developing their method and adding new games.

Early in 2018 I had the opportunity to become a Certified Pro Dog Trainer and am excited to share my knowledge and experience with dog owners from all walks of life and help them improve their relationship with their dogs, turning struggles into strengths.

Jai playing boundary games at hardware store

Boundary games are a huge part of the training games, promoting calmness and self control. Here, Jai found a boundary in a hardware store and chose to put himself on it:

Look, ma! I found a boundary!

Because of all the games we’re playing every day, Jai is making great choices every day, such as not to react to the car driving by, orienting back to me instead of focusing on something interesting. It can be a lot of fun living with a young dog like Jai (or it could have been a nightmare)!

Border collie puppy Djin is my newest addition, 3 months old here

Djin is my most recent addition to the household in June 2020 and he is being raised with games right from the start. You can follow his training on my free FB group My Pawsome Dog Connection and follow real life training videos and examples.

In this video Tom Mitchell explains what concept training is all about: watch the video on Facebook

Pro Dog Trainer Certificate

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