Puppy / Foundation Training

Meet Djin, my newest addition to the family:

Follow his training on new my FB group, Concept Training Through Games, free to join.

Djin 8 weeks

How to teach: Offering a Jump

Crystal learns: offering a jump

Building Drive and Offering a Jump

click here for video link

Foundation game for distance training in agility

going around an object

Front Cross Foundation exercises and demonstration

Front Cross foundation exercises

Foundations for Lap Turn, Tandem Turn & Flick

Pete learning OneMind Dogs Handling Foundations

Jai at 12 weeks old

paws on, pivoting, feet in, it’s yer choice, nose touch, heel work outside, tugging, impulse control with tug toy

foundation games for an agility dog

Jai at 6 months old

offering a jump exercises, beginnings of 2on2off (stopped contact), table – jump – tunnel sequences, low teeter, low dogwalk, Fitness: cavalettis, boundary games, fitpaws egg

Agility foundation with Jai

Mick at 12 – 16 weeks old

shaping game turning on a light, perch work for hind end awareness, going around a pole, 4 feet in and 4 feet on with various objects

Mick’s first movie

Mick’s agility foundation training at 7 – 9 months

Figure 8s around jump stands, tunnel training, jump grids, handling with tunnel and around poles, teeter, tire training, handling with 2 tunnels and a jump

Mick’s agility foundation training

Hope at 9 weeks old

clicker training: nose touch, sit, nose touch to objects, mat training, crate games

Introducing Hope

Hope at 12 weeks old

sit-stays, circle work, 101 things to do with a box, self control at feeding time, positions: down, sit; shake a paw, bow, beginning of left / right, it’s yer choice games, perch work for hind end awareness, teeter-board

Hope’s puppy training

Hope at 9 months old

introduction to the tunnel, backing up, ‘down’ on whistle cue, table games, puppy jump grids, left – right, 2on2off, fun stuff: 4 paws in, roll over, paw touch to my feet, high five

Agility foundation with Hope




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