Agility Classes

Summer classes in Parkland County (RR 20, 10 min. west of Stony Plain) outside on grass (fenced area)

will be starting in May, check back here for details

6 weeks for $180

Online registration

Agility Foundation 1

Jumps, tunnels and contact equipment are introduced in a fun and safe manner using positive reinforcement (=food/toys). Building value for individual obstacles is key so dogs can learn to perform short sequences. Exercises are based on OneMind Dogs handling where we use body language to communicate with our dogs. The dogs already understand it, we have to learn how to “speak dog”.

Prerequisite: no previous agility experience required. Dog should have a good recall and be able to work off leash.

My “There’s a Game For That” class is highly recommended to build the relationship and teamwork that is necessary to play agility (or other positive obedience course).

What to bring to class:

  • Flat collar (no ‘training’ or choke collars) or harness. head halters are fine (halti, gentle leader)
  • regular leash (no flexi-leashes)
  • plenty of yummy (soft) treats (nothing that crumbles)
  • Optional: toys
  • Water bowl & water for your dog
  • Pen & paper to take notes

Printable Registration: Pawsome connection registration

Agility Foundation 2

Prerequisite: Agility foundation 1 class or equivalent.

Introduction of 2on2off = stopped contacts; beginning of weave pole training; sequences including all the obstacles with more handling techniques added.









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