Reactive Dog – Behavior Class

Dog Reactivity

Behavior Class for Reactive Dogs

This class is for dogs who frequently react to other dogs (or people) by barking and/or lunging. Right now, your walks may be stressful or impossible but there is HOPE! Through a variety of strategic Games your dog will learn the skill of DISENGAGEMENT, without the use of aversive methods or tools!

The aim for this class is that you will be able to practice the techniques in a controlled environment by the end of the course. Individual results will vary and depend on each situation as well as regular practices at home. Teaching dogs to mind their own business is the greatest gift we can give them!
Some individual dogs do not enjoy direct interactions with other dogs (or people) and that’s o.k. We are not all social butterflies!

Your present reality does not have to be a predictor of the future!

This class will be very hands-on and require daily practice. Support between sessions will be available in a private Facebook group.

Sessions 1-3 are held via Zoom: You will learn Games and Strategies that will teach your dog the necessary DISENGAGEMENT skills at home. These sessions will be recorded and can be reviewed.

Sessions 4-6 will be in-person: Testing and practicing yours and your dog’s skills in a safe environment. Location 10 min. west of Stony Plain, in a large outdoors space. A public location in Spruce Grove may be chosen for 1 or 2 sessions.

Required equipment: Properly fitted Harness and double-ended leash, head collar is optional. Using a harness with a reactive dog is paramount for the safety of your dog as well others (dogs or people). By using a double-ended leash, which clips to the front and back, we have 2 points of connection, which allows for much better control and safety during the training phase.
Please contact me if you need to get a harness and I’ll put you in touch with someone for a harness fitting.

Video demonstration of harness and double-ended leash  

How does Concept Training Through Games work?

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Class Size:

max. 4 dog/handler teams

Class Dates:

zoom sessions: Thursday evenings 6.30-7.30pm on March 9, 23, 30

In-person sessions (tentative, weather permitting): Thursday evenings on April 13, 20, 27


$395 tuition
$100 Deposit required with registration, balance due on March 1st.
No refunds after March 1st

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