Duck Herding Demos

Hope and her son Jai working as a team at Rural Roots Fair in Beaumont – August 2019:

Hope and Jai herding ducks together

Watch the town council try their herding skills at Rural Roots Fair in Beaumont

 Hope and Jai are available for duck herding demos with our Indian Runner Ducks.

A bit of what we can do in a duck herding demo.

To watch a video of a demo in Stony Plain with Hope in 2017 click here

Jai duck herding

Jai at his first demo in Beaumont

In July 2021, Jai competed at the Calgary Stampede World Stock Dog Trial (his first time)

Jesse loved to herd duck

Jesse working ducks on a friend’s farm

For more information or to book a demo in the Edmonton (AB) area, please contact Gisela

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