Vet Visits Webinar

Handling for Vet Visits

How to prepare your dog for stress-free vet visits

re-scheduled to April 15th 2023
11am-1pm MDT

In this 2 hour zoom webinar I’ll cover games and strategies how to make vet visits less stressful for your dog(s). There are so many things we can do to prepare our dogs for what may be happening at the vet clinic. This can greatly reduce the stress and make a huge difference and turn those necessary events into an acceptable or even pleasant “thing”. Not only will proper preparation reduce and minimize yours and your dog’s the stress but it will also strengthen your relationship.

The webinar will be recorded and can be downloaded afterwards

Bring your questions to the webinar for a live Q&A session at the end.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What skills are necessary for your dog to have so vet visit can be less stressful?
  • What handling positions to teach your dog and how to do it?
  • Games and strategies to teach those skills at home

Cost: $39

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Gisela Griesser
Behavior Consultant

I’ve always been interested in animal behavior since I was a little dog and horse crazy girl. After teaching agility classes for many years, I become a ProDog Trainer with AbsoluteDogs in 2018 and also completed their PDT Geek program, which focuses on transforming behavior struggles. My initial goal was to help my agility students as well as my own border collie, Jai, who struggled with reactivity towards dogs and people. Because of him, I learned to recognize what concepts needed strengthening and how to positively change dog behavior through games. I have learned to understand how the dog’s brain is wired and how to re-shape it to transform behavior struggles. The techniques from Concept based Games Training have changed the outlook for my own naughty but nice dogs as well as my students’ dogs in group classes and private session.

I continue to grow my own knowledge on an ongoing basis, in particular through attending Deep Dive Consultations with Dr. Tom Mitchell MRCVS on the topics of Dog Reactivity, Vet Visits and Separation Related Struggles.

I live west of Edmonton, Alberta, with my 4 border collies, but thanks to the zoom platform, I can help dogs and their owners anywhere in the world.

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