Life Skills Classes & Workshops

To Teach Concepts, We Play Games

How does concept training work?

Watch a short video: There’s A Game For That

*** Class content is always customized to the group’s needs! ***

  • my dog doesn’t settle down: -> there’s a game for that
  • my dog is lacking focus: -> there’s a game for that
  • my dog gets too excited: -> there’s a game for that
  • my dog runs away when called: -> there’s a game for that.. or two

You get the idea …. easy to teach games for every situation in life:

We are turning Struggles into Strengths!!!

All classes are suited for young dogs from 3 months old to senior dogs who want to learn new skills. Instead of teaching behaviors, we teach concepts, such as calmness, focus, optimism, confidence, disengagement, etc. to get real life results! Pet dogs, sports dogs, companion dogs… who doesn’t need more fun in their life? Max. 6 dogs per outdoors class, family members are welcome to attend.

Instructor: Gisela is a Certified Pro Dog Trainer (from AbsoluteDogs Training in the UK / Naughty But Nice Dogs) since 2018

Spring 2023 classes:

Teenage Transformations – Life Skills for young dogs from ~6 months to 2 years

Starting Thursday, June 1st from 6.30-7.30pm

We teach Life Skills through playing Games!!!
Adolescent dogs often need a top-up on PROXIMITY, OPTIMISM, CALMNESS and DISENGAGEMENT so we can build that relationship that we dreamed of when we first got our puppy!
Teaching our youngsters to “mind their own business” is the best gift we can give them (and us)!

6 weeks program – $210

Online registration

Off-Leash Freedom workshop, June 3rd 1-4pm

Instead of training Recalls, how about teaching your dog the skills needed to be off leash? This means Engagement with YOU and Disengagement from the environment. A dog that will stay close and check in with you won’t need a recall and will be a joy to walk on leash as well. In this 3 hour workshop you’ll learn lots of fun games that will teach your dog the skills and strengthen your relationship. Cost: $105

Online registration

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Reactivity Boot Camp

4 weekly classes on Fridays 6.30-7.30pm: June 9, 16, 23 and July 7

Teach your dog the Concepts necessary to overcome Reactivity through playing the right games. By growing Calmness, Disengagement & Optimism, you and your dog will be able to handle those triggers and distractions. Success comes from training FOR the situation.

cost: $140

Online registration

Dog Reactivity

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LOOSE LEASH WALKING – Mission Possible

next class TBA

Leash Pulling can put a lot of strain on a relationship. Through playing the right games, your dog will learn to choose walking with YOU over pulling, lunging and reacting to the environment. You too can experience stress-free walks! Concept Training through Games relies on positive methods and tools only.

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Here’s a message that I received from Anastasiya after the 4 week Loose Leash Walking course:

I just would like to extend my deepest thanks for teaching Bella and I games to make our walks stress free!!!! Today I took my infant daughter for a walk in a stroller for the first time. Bella of course joined in. She was magnificent, eyes on me almost the entire time with sniffing breaks of course. Not distracted, another dog was barking and coming up to her by the fence, recalled! She was on leash for some parts and off leash for others and she maintained the proximity regardless. It was most relaxing and enjoyable walk I have had with her in a while!
Thank you Gisela Griesser!!!!!

The Dimmer Switch – for dogs who get overexcited!

next class TBA

For dogs who tend to go from 1-100 over every little event. By playing strategic games, dogs can learn to better match their arousal level to the situation they find themselves in.
$140 – 4 weeks class
Online registration

Printable registration form: pawsome connection registration

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