Dog Parkour

What is Dog Parkour?
Dog Parkour is a fairly new yet fast growing dog sport. It combines elements of human parkour with dog agility to create a fun activity that is accessible for all dogs and their owners, wherever they live! By using Environmental Features (obstacles found in the environment) to “get on” “jump over” “go under” “go around” etc. we start seeing the world as one big Parkour playground!

Parkour can be done anywhere and is limited only by your imagination. Dog Parkour is excellent to grow your dog’s confidence and overall fitness and can be adapted to any level of age and physical ability.

You can do it for titles (all online) or to spruce up your daily walks with your dogs! Teams can work in a wide variety of locations: indoors or outside, at home, schoolyards, parks, shopping centers, training facilities, and anywhere else there are things with which dogs can interact. It is easy to find locations and environmental features that fit the criteria.

I have just finished my training to become a Certified Instructor with All Dogs Parkour (ADP-CI) and am excited about adding Parkour workshops to my schedule! An important part of the workshops are how to properly spot and support your dog while working on potentially uneven or slippery obstacles. Our dog’s safety always comes first!

As part of my training, I taught my 2 year old border collie Djin the necessary skills to achieve his Level 1 ADP Title and you can watch it here.

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Using my agility equipment in a non-agility way, we finished our level 2 title and qualified. This was so much fun!

More qualifying title submission videos:

Mick’s Level 1 in the agility field

Djin’s Level 3-1: in the house

Djin’s Level 3-2: dog run area

Djin’s Level 3-3: behind house

Mick’s Level 2: beside my house

Djin’s Level 4-2: Hasse Lake

Djin’s Level 4-3: Rotary Park, Stony Plain

Djin’s Ladders Level 2

Certified All Dogs Parkour Instructor

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