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I have been and am part of some brilliant groups who help and support me in what I do. However there is one group who, for me, is head and shoulders above the rest. World renowned Absolute Dogs is run by Tom Mitchell (veterinary behaviorist) and Lauren Langman (top agility competitor and dog trainer) & between them they have helped countless dogs and their owners overcome struggles and turning them into strengths. Training Academy is a library of over 350 games, all tailored to help resolve particular struggles whilst keeping it fun and positive. Every week there is a new game added and there is an opportunity to join a Facebook live (to answer questions or to talk about a particular topic), as well as a Facebook community. Before your eyes, you will see your dog transforming into the dog you’ve always dreamed of. Absolute Dogs is one of the most supportive, kindest and safest communities I have ever belonged too, both online and on the ground and everyone goes out of their way to help each other. We are in this TOGETHER!

Training Academy only opens its doors for a short time, once or twice a year, so it’s easy to miss it.

What you need to know:

  • Monthly subscription is GBP 30 / USD 40
  • No minimum subscription
  • You can cancel any time

What you’ll get:

  • New Game / Video or Resource released every Wednesday
  • Weekly FB Lives with Tom Mitchell and Lauren Langman, answering YOUR questions LIVE
  • Bonus section with Dog-Dog Interaction Deep Dive, Multi-Dog Household webinar, past Super Trainer Live Archives
  • Bonus Courses: “Boundary Games”, “Calm” and “Nifty Solutions”
  • Join the super friendly & supportive Community of the Training Academy FB group
  • Personalized support in my private Pawsome Connection Training Academy group

Here’s a little example of what you can expect to see in Training Academy when you search for help for a typical dog training struggle:

be a better trainer
Walks are stressful
How can I teach retrieve

Here’s what people said when asked: What is one thing that you can do now that you weren’t able to do before TRAINING ACADEMY?

My reactive dog is a pleasure to walk on a loose leash. Not because we trained it – we never did! But because of the games we played to help with his reactivity (aka pessimism). Instead of barking at them, he now orients to me whenever he sees a strange person or dog.

Have my dog CHOOSE me over a bird

Since TA we know there is a game for everything

Many many things but the best one for me ….to laugh when it all goes wrong!!!!!

Get some control on walks. Focus on us, some loose lead walking and a break from constant sniffing!

Recall Daisy off chasing a bird. Retrieve a tennis ball and a now a gundog dummy too. Have fun with my dogs and not worry if they don’t get a ‘walk’ because games are enough.

Play in public. Harley needed the confidence and optimism to just be a dog and not worry so much.

Benji has stopped being a screaming banshee when he sees a cat. DMT to the rescue!

We have fun again. We can’t wait until it’s dinner time to ditch the bowl and play catch me if you can. And he stays closer to me on walks.

Recall my dog! Didn’t even work on recall but the games have her tuning into me and responding to her name!

Put on a harness without getting bit!!

Getting real life results without giving a cue: my dog today, out of the blue, offered me a sit and looks at me like “mum what do I do now?” while out, walking on a leash, suddenly I stopped to greet a neighbor and having another man with 2 dogs approaching us, the one dog sniffed my dog’s rear end. My dog remains sitting and asks me what to do??? I am still in shock!! I was not prepared for this!! It’s the first time it happened!! To my totally reactive dog and to me, the totally invisible mum. Wow!!

Ditch the walk. Walk dogs separately. Be flexible and give my dogs different things because what they need is different.

Successfully do an emergency U-turn from her scary triggers. I used to have to drag her away. Now she’ll immediately turn around and walk with me the other way. She saw one of her favorite human friends and tried to dash across the road while on lead. I panicked and called out her A-to-B U-turn cue and she immediately turned around. Real life results transferred to something we had never practiced before!

Have more FUN with my dogs!

Meet people with dogs on walk without my dog barking/lunging/biting/screaming

Enjoy my dog. I’ve learned to love working/playing with Magic instead of working with him because he needed exercise.

Train my dogs in a way that suits each one individually.

Learned a complete new approach to dog training that doesn’t call for correction but developing a dog’s mind and there is a game for all situations plus the value of ditch the bowl. I was surprised that my 5 1/2 month Jack Russell terrier prefers to work for his food by playing games.

My Terrier can retrieve!! Before he would run away with toy/ ball/ dumbbell

Get my dog back in the house without having to bribe him

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