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To Teach Concepts, We Play Games

When training concepts-2

Watch a short video: There’s A Game For That

*** Class content is always customized to the group’s needs! ***

  • my dog doesn’t settle down: -> there’s a game for that
  • my dog is lacking focus: -> there’s a game for that
  • my dog gets too excited: -> there’s a game for that
  • my dog runs away when called: -> there’s a game for that.. or two

You get the idea …. easy to teach games for every situation in life:

We are turning Struggles into Strengths!!!

All classes are suited for young dogs from 3 months old to senior dogs who want to learn new skills. Instead of teaching behaviors, we teach concepts, such as calmness, focus, optimism, confidence, disengagement, etc. to get real life results! Pet dogs, sports dogs, companion dogs… who doesn’t need more fun in their life? Max. 6 dogs per class, family members are welcome to attend.

Instructor: Gisela is a Certified Pro Dog Trainer (from AbsoluteDogs Training in the UK / Naughty But Nice Dogs)

October 2021 Classes:

***Classes and workshops are held outside on grass, with plenty of room for dogs who need space***

Reactivity Workshop – for dogs who bark & lunge or get over-excited – 2 spots left

  • Duration:  3 hours
  • Date & Time: Saturday, October 16th:  1 – 4pm
  • Cost: $90 (limited spots)
    No previous games based training experience necessary. You will learn which concepts are lacking and how games will help strengthening them.
    In this workshop we are training FOR the situation by teaching your dogs games and strategies that allow them to cope with those triggers and learn how to stay calm in the face of distractions!

Online Registration

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