Agility Club

Coming soon!!!

Get a front row seat to follow (and train along with) Djin’s Agility training, starting in March / April 2021 (depending on weather). I’ll share videos of all my training sessions with my young border collie Djin: Agility Training – from the ground up to – getting ready for competitions!

How it works:

  • Videos and explanations of Djin’s Agility Training are posted in a private FB group (~4-5 session/week)
  • Monthly subscription of CAD$25 or CAD$120 for 6 months


  • Weave poles from the beginning
  • Stopped contacts (dog walk and teeter)
  • Running A-Frame
  • Handling skills on 1 jump up to sequencing, using body language (OneMind Dogs Handling)
  • Building drive and focus
  • Tunnel Skills
  • Short sequences

*** I’m interested in joining the Pawsome Connection Agility Club, please let me know when it opens:

Some video samples of how Djin’s agility foundations training started:

Djin’s first session shaping the 2on2off position – for stopped contacts
Djin’s first session with offering a jump
Djin is learning the front cross on the flat

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