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Calm-K9 provides natural support to the brain and gut in a scoop-a-day!

Calm K9

Your dog’s brain and gut impact on their behavior, which can limit training progress and seem like you aren’t making any progress at all!

CALM-K9 has been specifically formulated by vet, behaviorist, trainers and a team of nutritionists to provide natural support to your training by helping to support your dog’s brain and gut microbiome.

High-quality natural ingredients – made with mood-boosting Tryptophan, Passiflora and Lemon Balm and a gut-supporting probiotic and L-glutamic, simply add to your dog’s food once daily!

Tip: Feed with a small amount of food for best results!

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Get an All-Natural Dog Joint Supplement Flexi-K9

(including Turmeric) to help Support an Ongoing Active and Happy Life by Promoting Mobility, Aiding Stiffness, and Supporting Healthy Joints!

Ingredients are:

  1. Glucosamine
  2. Green-Lipped Mussel containing Chondroitin
  3. Turmeric and Black Pepper
  4. Boswellia Serrata
  5. Fish Oil Powder
  6. Collagen
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The Wellness Supplement for Pet & Sports Dogs to Promote All-Round Wellbeing & Condition
Give your dog’s diet and, in turn, your dog a Prime-K9seaweed-powered super BOOST!
Wellness is all about supporting your dog as a whole – from their immune system, through to their brain and behavior, organs, muscles, joints, skin and coat!
The world throws a lot at our dogs from pollution and toxins, infectious agents and general damage to the cells of their body – supporting the natural protection and healing systems in a world of less than natural assaults to their bodies is key!
Give your dog’s diet and your dog a seaweed-powered super BOOST, with:
  • Superfood Sea KELP – the vitamin, mineral and anti-oxidant sea-derived powerhouse!
  • Nutrient-dense, vitamin and mineral-rich and antioxidant-packed SPIRULINA!
  • A unique blend of amino acids, vitamins and anti-oxidants in a tasty powder to add to your dog’s food daily!

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Fresh-K9   Is your dog drinking enough? Fresh-K9

Are they drinking enough during exercise, hot days or when traveling?
Is your dog a sports dog or simply super active?
This is exactly why we developed FRESH-K9, a highly palatable energy, electrolyte and re-hydration drink for your dog!
Simply add a 1-2 tablespoons of the tasty powder to water, shake in a bottle, pour in a bowl and watch your dog actively choose to stay hydrated!
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